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Five Gift Ideas for a Healthy Holiday Season

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s no doubt one of the most challenging times of the year for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

But it’s all the season where feeling your best is crucial! And of course, we no doubt want to look our best, even if many of us are spending the holidays at home.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to do our best to maintain a lifestyle that’s healthy, clean, and kind to the environment. And this is a lifestyle we fully believe in at Emani. And when you’re living a healthy lifestyle during the holidays, why not share it with the ones you love?

That’s where the holiday gifts come in!

We put together a list of five gifts ideas for all the names on your list. From vegan beauty to sustainable faves, there’s something for everyone.

1. Healthy Holiday Treats

The holiday season is known for all the decadent, delicious foods; all too often, though, they’re the kind of foods that tend to leave you feeling sluggish and bloated.

Instead of loading up on sugary sweets and fatty meals, you can promote wellness through a plant-based treat basket!

Put together a gift basket of some organic, low sugar snacks. Dark chocolate, of course, is always a fave, and you can make it extra seasonal with flavors like peppermint or cranberry, but pomegranate makes a great twist, too!

Winter fruits like oranges and pears make wonderful gifts, as well, and medjool dates have a flavor that’s comparable to caramel, making an extra sweet treat.

Organic herbal teas can make a simple, yet elegant gift that can offer some much-needed calm from seasonal stress, and can make a great gift for yourself, too!

2. Sustainable Alternatives For Single-Use Plastics 

The rise of single-use plastics is one of the biggest challenges in improving our planet’s welfare, leading massively to landfills and endangering aquatic life. And it’s something many of us contribute to multiple times a day. Plastic shopping bags, styrofoam to-go cups, and single-use plastic wraps are just a few examples of unnecessary waste we create every day.

Going completely sustainable overnight is a daunting task, but all of us can at least reduce our plastic usage with just a few changes, and you can help your loved ones make a few switches for the holidays!

A set of insulating travel mugs are great for the frequent coffee or tea-drinker in your life. Metal straws or bamboo cooking utensil sets are great, too. Are you a lover of DIY and handy-crafts? Stitch some reusable shopping totes to gift to friends - everyone appreciates something handmade!

3. Vegan, Cruelty-Free Beauty

The holiday season makes the perfect opportunity for gifts that make your loved ones feel confident and beautiful. But a lot of brands take advantage of this by peddling products filled with chemicals and cheap fillers. No one wants to give the women in their lives a sub-par product that may irritate their skin!

So if there’s a major beauty lover on your shopping list this year, why not gift them their own specially curated Emani beauty bundle?

Try picking up a primer or a few of our Eyeshadow Trios or Mosaic Blushes. They make great stocking stuffers and since they will work for a variety of skin tones and complexions, so they’ll really work for anybody on your list.

A few of our vegan brushes also make a much-appreciated present for any beauty maven to open up. You can even try one of our ready-to-go kits like the Brow Precision & Eyeliner Bundle. This bundle features our mineral-based Trio Brow Colo. Whoever you gift it to, they’ll be so happy to have new products to play with - and you’ll feel good knowing that it’s all clean and healthy.

4. Ethically Made Home Goods

Whether it’s furniture, textiles, children’s toys, or pet supplies, we don’t always think much about where our home goods come from. And yet, they play a massive role in the quality of our homes, and in more ways than you might expect!

For instance, products made from synthetic and plastic materials can lead to off-gassing, which is where gases leach from products and into the air of your home, creating a significant impact on your air quality.

Thankfully, there are lots of safe, clean and healthy options out there - and most make wonderful gifts! Keep an eye out for housewares that use either natural or recycled materials, and come from ethical companies with sustainable, fair-trade business practices.

Anybody on your list would love to get a set of organic sheets for their bed or plush towels made from clean and responsibly-sourced fibers for their bathroom. Hey, any excuse to relax during the holiday craziness right?

5. The Gift of Charity

When stuck for ideas, a donation in someone’s name will always be appreciated. It’s also the perfect gift for that someone who has everything, or for those who have very specific tastes and interests that are tricky to shop for. You’ll never have to worry about anything harmful making its way into your loved one’s home. It’s also an amazing way to help support a message of clean, toxin-free living.

Hopefully, these suggestions sparked some gift ideas for you and confirmed that it is possible to embrace a clean and healthy lifestyle, even during the holidays.

What healthy, sustainable goodies will be topping your shopping list this season? And what’s on your wishlist?


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