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Makeup Brushes – Animal Hair vs Vegan – What is better?

Choosing the perfect makeup brushes is no easy task especially if you are trying to live your most environmentally conscious life.

New technologies in manufacturing mean that synthetics are higher quality than ever before but what about the environment?

For a long time, animal hair or natural makeup brushes were seen as the highest quality by many professionals in the beauty industry for many years. And now, with social awareness growing, society has become interested in making ethical decisions based on minimizing impact to the environment, human health and wellbeing and our fellow creatures on earth.

At love everything natural, and we want to make sure our choices are not only better for animals and the environment but the highest quality for our toxin free makeup application also.

As all eco warriors will understand, there can be a decision dilemma when it comes to makeup brushes, do you choose synthetic or natural?

Benefits of Synthetic vs Natural

Animal cruelty free – simply the safest choice if you are vegan or concerned about animal welfare.

Affordability – synthetic brushes are generally a more affordable option.

Allergy free – many people are sensitive to animal hair and can often react to natural brushes.

Cleaning – synthetic brushes are much simpler to clean ensuring minimal bacteria build up and skin reactions. Synthetic dries faster than natural fibers.

Cream based product – synthetic brushes are fantastic for cream-based product, such as highlighters, foundation and cream blush. This is due to the lack of pore or cuticle on the fibers.

No loose hair/fibers – on your skin post application.

Makeup Brush Cleaning, Storing and Care

The cleaning of makeup brushes is a step that is often forgotten and can lead to bacteria build up on the brush resulting in skin irritations. Dirty brushes can also result in excess product being used and a less than perfect makeup result.

We recommend using ecofriendly brush cleaners and cleaning your brushes every seven to fourteen days for personal use.

Frequent cleaning of synthetic brushes is recommended due to the product oils remaining on the surface of the fibers which can lead to skin irritation whilst also cleaning reduces the fibers shedding and improving brush longevity.

We recommend storing your brushes with care, leaving them bouncing around in makeup drawers or toiletry bags will rapidly decrease the longevity of the brush. Storing the brushes in a protected brush bag will help maintain brush quality and life.

Steps for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Gently massage ecofriendly brush cleaner and water into the brush bristles

Reshape the brush to the original shape

Dry flat on a clean towel or hang with bristles facing down. Avoid facing the bristles up as the water can seep into the seams of the handle reducing brush quality

Repeat these steps every seven to fourteen days for personal use


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