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Our Mission

To make skin happy & healthy.

We believe good skin can happen to everyone and it doesn’t have to take an army of products. We can unlock good skin by utilizing a patented fermentation process to alleviate skin’s pesky issues. Michelle Doan was obsessed with having happy skin since she suffered cystic acne at the age of 15. Emani was rooted from her journey fighting acne, self-worth and self-esteem. Tracing back to her Asian heritage and the “old ways” of utilizing herbs, bio-active fermentation was the missing master key.


Michelle spent all her teen years into adulthood battling cystic acne, feeling disempowered and frankly...feeling unworthy. It is tough to face the world when you can't hide your face. She has tried everything from Accutane to harsh topicals, she was left feeling hopeless and skeptical. Why don't most products work? Her passion to understand skin's delicate structure and the long-term impact of what we put on our skin changed her life forever.

Since 1998, she embarked on a journey of curiosity and how science can vastly improve one's life simply by fixing skin's ailments and to keep skin looking youthful as we age. Exploring the most effective delivery system in skincare and using patented technology to make good on our promise.

Michelle has found a kind of empowerment in beauty that she wanted all women to experience, Emani is a community of acceptance, support and empowerment. It is our mission to create a place where women can feel truly beautiful and confident in their own skin.

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We chose our packaging responsibly.

100% recyclable glass bottles

100% recyclable & biodegradable paper packaging

We strive toward more sustainable packaging through the use of recycled glass components, plastics and responsibly sourced paper. This is only the beginning of the product's lifecycle. We want to do more our part to ensure packaging don't end up in a landfill.

For every product you purchase


We've partnered with Dignity not Despair: a non-profit that brings hope and beauty for female refugees by collecting and donating makeup & hygine kits in an effort to create normalcy