Michelle Doan

Founder of EMANI

EMANI Vegan Cosmetics is rooted in the transformational journey of its founder, Michelle Doan. Michelle suffered from cystic acne and sensitive skin her entire life. After trying various treatment programs and different types of makeup to cover her problematic skin, her skin only worsened, she discovered a different way to create a problem-solution for the skin.

Frustrated with the way mainstream cosmetics only exacerbated her skin issues, Michelle set out to create a line of clean, glamorous makeup suitable for even the most discriminating and sensitive skin types. 

Michelle Doan travels the globe to find unique ingredients and utilize the latest in cutting-edge technology to elevate our products to the next level. Most of all, Emani passionately believes in individual beauty. We believe that all women are beautiful, and we aim to empower that beauty with colorful, fashionable, health-conscious, luxurious, glamorous makeup that is suitable for all skin types. Emani products are eco-friendly, 100% cruelty-free, 100% vegan certified & ideal for the most sensitive skin.   

You are beautiful inside and out! Our goal is to enhance that beauty so you feel confident and gorgeous every time you look in the mirror and every time you walk out your door, with or without makeup.

Hello beautiful & welcome!

Beauty is a reflection of our health and well being, inside and out.

Emani curates the most powerful and effective ingredients to deliver high performance, luxurious results.

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