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Sleep is the closest thing to the fountain of youth; studies show that the body heals itself and new skin cells grow faster while you sleep.

Sleep & Renew takes advantage of night-time rest and skin recovery period by loading skin with activated nutrients so you wake up with healthier looking skin.


Using ancient Korean fermented techniques, this unique 0% water formulation, Sleep & Renew is infused with over 85% of fermented probiotics, apple and papaya fruit extracts to promote oxygen uptake and collagen production while you sleep.

Step 1

Gently exfoliate skin prior use

Step 2

Apply on clean skin before bed

Step 3

Layer with Perfect 10 Serum



Crafted With Good Reasons

Why Our Products Work!

your skin soft and silky!

"I am so grateful to have tries! Emani! I have extremely sensitive skin and am prone to acne even though I'm in my late 30s. I have tried all different loranals with no positive results. They would clog my pores or cause acne. I use the Perfect 10 Primer Serum every day with or without makeup. It makes my skin so soft and silky and helps with redness. I couldn't Le happier with the results."

- Molly

the best foundation!

"Great! This is the Best foundation! I've used this exclusively for several years now and no turning Lack for me. It goes on lightweight, smooth, doesn't cause me any breakouts or oiliness, lasts all day and evening. Thank you for this wonderful foundation that feels like skin care on my face! So thankful I can order direct from Emani since not available locally."

- Kayla

love love love!

"This is the BEST skin serum I have ever used. Everytime I use it my skin feels luxurious and hydrated. I'm in my 30s and have started to get stress lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows. After just two weeks I can already see a difference; the lines are less pronounced and my skin looks smoother.""

- Michelle P.