Deluxe Creme Foundation


510 Fair
511 Light
512 Medium
513 Tan
514 Rich
510 Fair
511 Light
512 Medium
513 Tan
514 Rich


  • Deluxe Crème Foundation infused with Peptides, Gold & Peat actives to give your skin the look as if time had reversed
  • Infused with Peptides, Gold & Peat
  • New & Improved Cream to Powder Formula
  • Comes with a specially made Vegan application pad
  • Now in 5 shades for increased skin tone range
How to Apply
1. On clean and moisturized skin, apply the Perfect 10 Primer & Serum
2. Use sponge and apply the cream foundation onto cheeks, chin, forehead.
3. Starting in the center of the face and blend outwardly.
4. For heavier coverage over dark circles around the eye area or discolorations, use a concealer brush to apply and blend.

Deluxe Creme ingredients

What is Peat?

Peat is an ancient ingredient that is over 3000 years old. It’s comprised of potent plant residue complex which contains humic and sulfic acids. These actives are known to help improve cell turnover, increase skin elasticity, and tighten pores. Its high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties sooth and calm the skin.

Peat comes from moors, bogs and old glaciers. The Egyptians and Romans used peat to treat common skin conditions because of its mineral-rich components

Emani makeup is 100% vegan and gluten-free. Our products are composed of nutrients and minerals which give longer lasting wear while protecting your skin from outside impurities

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