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As the holiday’s approach, you’ll be seeing more and more green. Christmas Trees, holiday sweaters, cash for office gift exchanges. At Emani, we see green every day, and we strive to do one thing differently every day makes to help make a difference.



Here’s a compilation of the Emani team’s favorite work-arounds to create a healthier home and office. They’re super easy to integrate into your every day life.

What are yours? Please let us know at @emanigram




Week 1
  • Monday: Switch from aerosol to manual pump hairsprays.
  • Tuesday: Use coconut or jojoba oil with essential oils instead of chemical-filled body lotions.
  • Wednesday: Change out your old foundation for an organic, vegan option like Emani’s Hydrawear 12HR Foundation.
  • Thursday: Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags on your trip to the grocery store.
  • Friday: Ride your bike or take the bus to work instead of driving your car.
  • Saturday: Use the juice from an aloe plant on a burn–a natural solution that also decorates the home!
  • Sunday: Get organic local produce at your Farmer’s Market for dinners this week.
Week 2
  • Monday: Use cloth napkins instead of paper.
  • Tuesday: Make sure your mascara and eye shadow are a clean formula, like Emani’s Organic Soy Infused Mascara.
  • Wednesday: Exchange Windex and chemical counter cleaners for vinegar and water solution.
  • Thursday: Trade out your old incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Friday: Donate your old electronics or take them to the appropriate recycling facility.
  • Saturday: Find natural soy candles and incense to burn instead of using toxic air fresheners and petroleum-based candles.
  • Sunday: Switch out your protein source to avoid fossil fuel-costly meat.
Week 3
  • Monday: Turn off the shower while you condition your hair and shave your legs.
  • Tuesday: Print double-sided.
  • Wednesday: Wash Zip-Loc bags and dry them on your dish rack, then re-use them.
  • Thursday: Get sulphate-free, organic shampoo and conditioner.
  • Friday: Re-use plastic bags from the market’s produce section to pick up after your dog.
  • Saturday: Use power strips to consolidate energy use.
  • Sunday: Compost your food scraps.
Week 4
  • Monday: Donate old clothes or repurpose the fabric.
  • Tuesday: Carpool or take an Uber to a party.
  • Wednesday: Fix leaks around the house to cut down on water waste.
  • Thursday: Wash your clothes on cold temperatures to save energy.
  • Friday: Choose boxed wine instead of bottled as a hostess gift.
  • Saturday: Put on a sweater rather than turn on the heat.
  • Sunday: Bring a reusable water bottle in your bag rather than buying a plastic one.
Bonus Tips
  • Monday: Buy soap in bulk and refill bottles to cut down on plastic waste.
  • Tuesday: Make sure your lip products are safe for your sensitive skin and body! Try Emani’s Lip Shine for a glam and healthy look.

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