Dewy, cushioned glow.

Concealer + Niacinamide


Correct. Protect. Brightening.
Power up your skinPower up your skin
Power up your skin

Easy to use, Super Serums can be layered under your favorite skincare, sunscreen or makeup

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The Reviews Are In!

I Need More Stars!! Five stars for this serum is not enough! The clarity, fine lines, and texture improved after the first use. I'm blown away that the redness is gone in less than a week.

- Tonya

Love this product! This serum is rich, hydrating, and is absorbed instantly. No oily residue. My skin feels smooth and rejuvenated. Worth every penny.

Patti S.

I’ve been using it for 3 months, I'm so very happy with the products! I see a big improvement in the overall healthy appearance of my skin and I'm getting a lot of compliments on my skin.

Tina K.

I love this perfect skin kit, it helped my acne that I have had deep under the surface that I have been battling with no relief. I’m in peri-menopause and my skin has had a lot of changes I really can’t say enough about Emani.

Kris N.

I love this simple yet powerful 3 step process skincare. I have been using them regularly and I have noticed that my skin has a plump and smooth appearance.


This serum really smooths your face in one use. I loved waking up with a very smooth face after ONE night! However, with my retinol serum, it worked even faster. Best serum ever and without all the junk ingredients.

Wanda C.

Super SerumsSuper Serums
Super Serums

Unleashing the power of small molecule skincare.

85% fermented probiotics promote cell turnover, and collagen production for vibrantly looking skin.

Fermentation breaks down molecules into smaller molecules thus allowing nutrients to travel deeper to revive your glow and give you the skin you deserve.

Power Up Your Skin
  • Step 1 - Cleanse

    For maximum results, gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells prior to using Emani Serums.

  • Step 2 - Sleep & Renew

    This super serum contains 85% fermented probiotics, apple extract, and niacinamide to promote oxygen uptake, cell-turnover, and refine pores.

  • Step 3 - Halo Collagen

    Fermented collagen visibly smooths fine lines, brightens skin, and strengthens the skin's microbiome for a cushiony glow.

  • Step 4 - Perfect 10 Primer Serum

    Creates a protective barrier to balance and lock in moisture. Helps to calm inflammation and reduces breakouts.

Step 1 - Cleanse
Step 2 - Sleep & Renew
Step 3 - Halo Collagen
Step 4 - Perfect 10 Primer Serum

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