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Holiday Survival: Life Hacks & Cool Strategies

Holiday Survival: Ah, the holiday season. It’s the time of year that many of us spend 11 months anticipating. Spending time with family, shopping for gifts, and cooking big meals make it a time that’s filled with happy memories.

But for some of us...yikes! Statement: The holidays can be stressful, but with proper holiday survival strategies, you can navigate through them smoothly. Shopping and cooking feel like more of a hectic hassle than a heartwarming seasonal event, and maybe your family is...not exactly what you want to be dealing with. And even for those of us who love the holidays, the holiday survival stress can still kick in, especially in 2020!

So what can you do to deal with seasonal stress? Take a deep breath, focus your mind, and read the following. Here are five handy ways to help you get through the holiday season unscathed.

1. It's Okay to Stick to Your Comfort Zone

The holiday hassles may leave you out of all kinds of sorts.

You might find yourself feeling anxious, irritable, or even depressed, and that’s why it’s so important to make time for things that help you feel comfortable. Even during the  holiday survival stress , try not to change too much of your routine. If you wake up at the same time every day, keep your schedule as close to normal as possible. Go to the coffee shop, the gym, or wherever you have regular errands at the same time you normally would. Need a break from your family? Make plans with friends as an excuse to get some time away.

2. Keep It Simple

At this time of year, the last thing you want to do is add to your stress levels.

This is the time to minimize other potential stress in your life. Allow yourself to stick with meal options that are healthy and nutritious, but can be done quickly. Try out different meal or grocery delivery services to save yourself even more time.

Some brands even have free trials to test them out so you can make sure it’s right for you. Try multitasking by cleaning up or cooking while watching your favorite show. Have lots of holiday shopping on your list? Be on the lookout for online sales. This is the time of year when you’ll find all kinds of discounts, so don’t overwork yourself on traditional sale days like Black Friday, especially when you don’t find anything you’ll absolutely love.

Emani is all about simplifying & streamlining wherever we can. Multi-purpose products like the Miracle 7-in-1 Primer, which functions as a face serum and as a makeup primer! Fewer products, less of a time commitment, and less stress!

3. Stay Mindful

In a society that’s always go, go, go, mindfulness is the key to happiness and a clear mind. Don’t scarf down your meals in front of the TV, savor them with loved ones. Take a moment every morning to consider all the things in life that you’re grateful for. And if you don’t meditate, now is a great time to start.

Start out with only a few minutes per day at first, just sitting still in a quiet space, focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind. Many people report that once they start meditating, their anxiety and stress levels drop significantly. Plus, by starting now, you’re already getting a head start on New Year’s resolutions – assuming more mindfulness is what you’re hoping to find in 2023. It’s a win-win!

Allow yourself time to take a step back and focus.

4. Self-Care Is Self-Love

During the season of giving, we’re all so focused on taking care of others. But what about yourself? More than ever, when health needs to be a #1 priority, it’s super important to take some quiet time for yourself. It could be as simple as a hot bath, a face mask, or a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show in the evening.

If you can get out of the house, try going for an early morning walk or go for a run. It doesn’t take much time, and it will help you feel so much more grounded and calm. And take it from us, spending some time trying out a new makeup look is a great way to unwind.

5. Listen To Your Gut

We don’t often listen to the signals from our body that tell us to slow down. But much like we learn to listen and respect what others need, we need to learn how to listen to ourselves.

Start paying close attention to your stress levels. Know when it’s time to take a break. If you need to set up boundaries with those particularly difficult family members – maybe no discussion of politics at the dinner table? Or avoid nosy prying into your personal relationships – set them up, and hold firm.

Pay attention to what your body needs. Don’t let yourself get so busy that you’re missing out on meals or much-needed sleep. If you’re hungry, take a break and fix yourself something to eat. If you’re tired, excuse yourself for a quick nap or breather. The bottom line: don’t lose track of what you need. It may be the season for thinking about others, but that’s no excuse to put yourself last.

What are your secrets  for the coming holiday survival by keeping cool, calm, and collected this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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