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Urban Survival Guide to Quick Makeup Application

Life in the Fast Lane – an Urban Survival Guide to Quick Makeup Application

Life in the Fast Lane – an Urban Survival Guide to Quick Makeup Application

Who has extra time for anything these days?  Whether your bogged down at work, cramming for finals, or trying to enjoy some hard-earned social time with friends, chances are you lead a pretty busy life.  Emani understands how crazy life can be, so we’re here to give you a few tips to get the most out of your Emani makeup without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Step 1 – Conceal

Dab some concealer onto problem areas, dark circles, or blemishes using a brush or your finger.  Also, blend it in so it looks natural.  Try Emani HD Corrective Concealer to easily cover skin issues with a natural hue.

Step 2 – Base

Don’t overdo it!  Add just enough base to get a flawless complexion.  Use your ginger to dab it on, then brush it in with a foundation brush. Emani Hydra Wear Plus Foundation is an amazing base to achieve your look.  Or if you prefer a dry option, try Emani Flawless Matte Foundation.

Step 3 – Blush

Highlight your cheekbones with a subtle splash of beautiful color.  Furthermore, use a brush to gently sweep on Emani Perfecting Crushed Foundation, or if you want a sun-kissed look, try Emani Blush & Bronzer.

Step 4 – The Eyes

Throw on some eyeshadow.  Use a little or a lot depending  on the occasion!  Use your fingers or a brush to sweep eyeshadow across the eyes working form the inside out.  Also, try Emani Trio Eyeshadow Pallet for a whole array of color options.  In addition don’t forget to shape those arches with Emani Duo Eye Brow Brush.

Step 5 – Define the Eyes

This is the step that makes your eyes really pop.   Define your lashes with Emani Double Lash Mascara + Serum and line your eyes with Emani Duo Eye Brow Brush.

Step 6 – Lips

Here’s where it all comes together.  Also, finish your look with a beautiful shade of color on your lips.  

That’s it.  It doesn’t have to take long if you know the right sequence.  Don’t waste another minute that you have to for a perfect makeup look with Emani Vegan Cosmetics.

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