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Looking Glossy? How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Shine With Emani

Looking Glossy? How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Shine With Emani

Beating the Summer Shine: Tips for a Matte Complexion

It’s summer, it’s hot out, and you’re going to sweat.  After all, you’re only human, and perspiration is your body’s natural way to cool off.  Unfortunately, you’re body’s natural, healthy response to the heat often leaves your face looking greasy, shiny, and reflective.  While there is a time and place for a shimmery look, your afternoon coffee date isn’t it.  And we all know there is a big difference between a moist, dewy complexion and an ultra-shiny t-zone.  How can you avoid that unwanted shine?  Here are a few tips from Emani Vegan Cosmetics.

Key Steps for Achieving a Matte Complexion

First, cleanse the skin regularly with a facial cleanser designed to eliminate excess oil from the skin.  In addition to rinsing away excess oil, many modern cleansers actually penetrate the skin to reduce sebaceous gland production of sebum, preventing the overproduction of oils that gives the skin unwanted shine.

Second, tone the skin. Adding a toner to your skin care regimen reduces inflammation in the pores. In doing so, toner reduces the size and visibility of pores while diminishing oil-production so your skin doesn’t get oily as quickly.

Third, add a primer to your makeup routine.  Before putting on your makeup, prime your skin with an oil-absorbing treatment.  Not only will a primer absorb excess oil to reduce unwanted shine and provide a clear, matte complexion, it will also enhance the vitality and wearability of your makeup. Emani Perfect 10 uses ten organic extracts to absorb excess oil from the skin and leave the skin with a beautiful, matte finish that lasts all day.

Fourth, try a matte foundation.  A high-quality, matte foundation will continue to absorb oil long after application, reducing unwanted shine while promoting an even, matte complexion  Try Emani Flawless Matte Foundation for a flawless complexion without even a hint of shine.

Say goodbye to unwanted shine for good with these simple tips from Emani Vegan Cosmetics!

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