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Makeup Primers and why we need them

Do we really need makeup PRIMERS?? Here's a quick overview.

Unveiling the Power of Makeup Primers: Your Key to Flawless and Long-Lasting Makeup

Makeup Primers: Discover multiple methods for long-lasting makeup that stays fresh throughout the day. There are lots of ways to ensure your makeup lasts all day long. Is sitting still all day or risking a setting spray mishap really the solution to long-lasting makeup? For many of us, it seems like a fruitless errand to prevent smudging and fading. But maybe, that’s because you haven’t discovered primers yet.

Primers are definitely one of the hardest-working products in your own makeup kit. They create a smooth base for your foundation, they can have skin-healthy benefits and (best of all!) they can help lock in your makeup all day long. Sounds great right? Don’t worry, we’ll explain all in this quick rundown.

What Do Primers Do Exactly?

In plain and simple terms: a primer literally primes your skin for the rest of your makeup. It gives your skin a little dose of hydration or protection, smooths out any uneven textures or fine lines and literally holds onto any products you put on top of it, ensuring your makeup looks fresh all day long. For a lot of us, our skin’s texture isn’t exactly perfect - even beyond blemishes and fine lines. Without a primer, you might notice an uneven look to your foundation that might shift, crease or fade throughout the day. A primer acts as a smooth, leveling barrier to your skin. It helps minimize the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles and allows your foundation or makeup base to cover nice and even.

You can also think of primer as a subtle “glue” for the pigments in your regular makeup. When you top your face primer with foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, and highlighter, the primer works to actually hold the pigments in place. This reduces the risk that the makeup can smudge or fade away, even when it’s rainy and humid out or you’re sweating!

The Prime Benefits

Apart from keeping your makeup smooth and long-lasting, there are also some additional fringe benefits of using primer regularly. Gone are the days of only thick silicone-based primers that feel heavy on your skin. Instead, you can find primers that hydrate and plump your skin and even types that improve your complexion over time!

On that note, if you’re not familiar with our bestselling primer, allow us to make some introductions. Fans everywhere simply can’t get enough of our top-rated Perfect 10 Primer Serum. And that has a lot to do with the dual benefits in the formula. It has all the benefits of a makeup primers and the skin-improving technology you expect from a serum. Plus, it’s suitable for most skin types - even dry! - so it’s a product that pretty much anyone can take advantage of.

How Do I Know Which is Right For Me?

Primers have become an essential component to many makeup bags in the past few years. But that just means there are so many on the market, so it can be challenging to find the right primer that will work best for you. To maximize primer performance, learn to select the perfect one.

It all starts, like so many things, with knowing your skin type. For example, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, a primer that’s designed to help keep your pores clear as well going to be your best bet. We hear from customers all that time about what a difference our 7-in-1 Miracle Primer Serum has made for them. It’s especially beneficial for anyone who’s skin is on the oily side since it does such a great job at naturally purifying skin. Also, all those anti-aging benefits are a huge win too!

What do you look for in a makeup primers? Share your secrets in the comments below!



Which primer should I use? I am 57, no acne, normal to dry, mature skin. I’m using hydrawear foundation now.

Lisa Melville
Lisa Melville

Can you put this primer on eyelids to prime for eyeshadow or do you need a separate primer for eyelids?

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