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Vitamin C: Your Skin’s Ultimate Sidekick

Vitamin C: Your Skin’s Ultimate Sidekick

When you think of vitamin C, do you think of juicy citrus fruits? Or crunchy carrots? Or maybe those powdered immunity boosters come to mind?

Despite its unappetizing nature, vitamin C is a vital nutrient for our health and well-being.

It has the power to fight signs of aging, fade dark spots, and illuminate our skin.

So without further ado, let’s talk about vitamin C in skin care!

How Does Vitamin C Help Our Skin?

Vitamin C effects to our skin

So, what is it exactly that makes it so effective against dark spots?

Above all, a potent antioxidant. And antioxidants do wonders for the skin because they neutralize free radicals. Unstable hydrogen molecules known as free radicals exist in the environment, seeking stability by bonding with other molecules' electrons.

Free radicals binding to molecules in our bodies lead to oxidative stress, akin to bike rust or apple browning. This makes free radical damage a significant factor in premature aging, emphasizing the role of antioxidants as an anti-aging skincare ingredient.

But it does far more than fight free radicals; it also helps fade dark spots.

Dark spots are made of a dark pigment known as melanin, and melanin production can be triggered by a number of factors such as sun damage, aging, and pregnancy. However, it’s been observed that vitamin C may prevent the onset of dark spots by reducing the activity of the enzyme that creates melanin.

Moreover, it can help boost the production of collagen, which is a fibrous protein in the skin that keeps it elastic and firm. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen over time, especially helpful for supporting it.

When To Use Vitamin C On Skin?

Sometimes, good skin care comes down to good timing. Typically, nighttime skin care is all about repairing the skin, while daytime skin care is about protecting it.

Vitamin C is actually incredibly versatile; while some ingredients like retinol and BHAs are better suited for nighttime use, it can be worn both day and night. 

When applied before bed, it can help with nightly repair while you rest as it bolsters collagen production to help fade wrinkles and dark spots

But it can also protect your skin during the day! When applied in the morning, it can help prevent free radical damage, which we regularly encounter in environmental pollution and UV exposure.

Bottom line: vitamin C is a 24/7 skin-saver!

When Makeup & Vitamin C Come Together

vitamin C applied on face

So then, what’s the best way to use it? What products should we look for?

A solid serum or moisturizer can make a great step in your skincare routine both night and day, but if we told you that vitamin C makeup was an option?

That’s where our HD Corrective Concealer + Vitamin C comes in!

What could possibly be better than a crease-proof concealer with coverage for days? One that actively works to brighten the skin and keep it firm! With vitamin C, avocado and green tea, this concealer glides on like butter and nourishes the delicate under-eye area.

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