michelle Doan

Posted on February 10 2018


I must confess.….when walking into any retail store that carries makeup and skincare – from the cute little boutiques to the mega shops – I am immediately drawn (or suckered) into the cosmetics department. The bright lights, pretty packaging, alluring scents, beautiful new colors, and anything that glimmers and shimmers – all call my name – and even the gorgeous images of models with perfect skin and makeup that we hope to be able to achieve that confident and youthful glow with the magic products that promise to do so (well, except for the Brad Pitt for Chanel ads…are those off the counters yet?).

But once the high settles in from all the eye candy, like candy – the outside looks very appealing but once you look at the ingredient list, you start to rethink about what you just put in your body. We’ve heard it before that beauty is ‘skin deep’, and if this is the case, we really should be paying more attention to the ingredients in the makeup and skincare products that we put on our skin.

Luckily, we have Emani Cosmetics, a makeup and skincare line that puts your health first when formulating products…and they’ve done the research and studies to keep us safe. They remind us that our skin is not a solid barrier, and that it’s a penetrable organ that can easily absorb chemicals, including many of the harmful ingredients found in cosmetics that have been linked to cancer, infertility and hormonal dysfunction – triple yikes!

With over 14+ years working in the beauty industry, I’ve been invited to be a Contributing Style and Beauty Expert for Emani’s Blog to provide helpful information that is important for us to know, including harmful and safe ingredients to look for when purchasing makeup products, expert beauty tips, hot beauty trends and more. I invite you to take this journey with us and tune in to our blog, as I go skin deep with a brand that makes us rethink what we put on our skin – and go beyond the bright lights and pretty packaging.

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