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Bio-active skincare

Bioactive Skincare - Revolutionizes Your Regimen

What is Bioactive skincare?

Bio-active pertains to a range of skincare products containing active ingredients sourced from plants, herbs, fruits, and botanical extracts. These products harness the generative bioactivity of plant-derived and entirely natural ingredients, which can be effectively absorbed by the skin.

For these bioactive skincare ingredients to be effective, rejuvenate skin cells, and preserve skin wellness hinges on several factors - concentration, formulation, and application method. Therefore, while numerous natural ingredients boast bioactivity and offer skin benefits, it's crucial to evaluate each unique properties and traits of each ingredient and how the ingredients are processed to ensure high efficacy.

Many skincare products only reach the surface of the epidermis due to their molecule size, this is why most skin care may soften and hydrate skin but they do not improve the look of fine lines, uneven skin tone, or rough skin texture.

This is where the fusion of Clean Beauty and Korean Innovation revolutionizes your skincare regimen, delivering transformative results for your skin.

Effective skincare needs a delivery system, clean, effective ingredients, and cutting-edge formulations to deliver skin the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Emani is not just a beauty company, we are a green, technology company - utilizing a patented fermentation process to break down molecules into smaller molecules thus allowing nutrients to travel deeper making it easier for these actives to communicate with chemical messengers that lie deep below the skin’s surface. They can penetrate deeper to promote cell renewal, boost collagen production, and strengthen the microbiome barrier. Think of them as tiny little helpers that dive deeper into your skin, fighting off all the signs of aging and giving your skin a serious glow boost.

The fermentation process also produces chemical byproducts such as vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and peptides. Which increases the active's potency by boosting its nutritional density. Fermented ingredients in Clinical studies have proven that fermented ingredients in Emani Halo Vegan Collagen Serum, Sleep & Renew Super Serum, and Miracle Super Serum yield better results that last 2x longer than non-fermented ingredients - delivering the results you deserve. These ingredients are your guarantee of the optimal effect and visible results. Using bioactive ingredients, we create skincare in synergy with nature.

One-Step Beyond

We’ve eliminated over 1,500 harsh chemicals and allergens often found in beauty products to reduce skin reactions and breakouts. We exclude ingredients often found in traditional cosmetics such as 26 allergens, talc, parabens F & DC dyes, mineral oil, petrolatum formaldehyde, triclosan, silicone, synthetic fragrances, and animal derivatives

 Discover the Emani Super Serums enriched with bioactive fermented ingredients.

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