Bio-active skincare

Bio-active – the kind of skincare you need to check out

What is Bio-active skincare?

Bio-active refers to a category of skincare products that incorporate active ingredients derived from natural sources, such as plants, herbs, fruits, and other botanical extracts. Active ingredients are chosen for their beneficial properties and potential to improve the health and appearance of the skin. 

Bio-active skincare products typically focus on utilizing natural and organic ingredients, avoiding synthetic chemicals, harsh preservatives, and artificial fragrances. These  products often select active ingredients for the specific skincare benefits, such as moisturizing, anti-aging, brightening, soothing, or balancing properties. 

One of the advantages of bio-active skincare is that it can offer a more holistic and natural approach to skincare. Focusing on supporting the skin's health and resilience rather than solely targeting specific skin issues. The emphasis is often on nurturing and promoting the skin's natural balance and radiance. 

Patented Bio-Active Fermentation 

Emani’s patented bio-active fermentation is a chemical process that breaks down active ingredients, transforming them into smaller molecules. Making it easier for actives to communicate with chemical messengers that lie deep below the skin’s surface. The fermentation process also produces chemical byproducts such as vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and peptides. Which increase the active's potency by boosting its nutritional density. Fermented ingredients in Clinical studies have proven that fermented ingredients in Emani Halo Vegan Collagen Serum, Sleep & Renew Super Serum, and Miracle 7in1 Serum yield better result that last 2x longer than non-fermented ingredients - delivering the results you deserve.

Discover the Emani serums enriched with bioactive fermented ingredients.

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