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Jamie's beauty routine and self-care

Emani Ambassador: Jamie Keeps Her Beauty Routine Convenient & Kind with Natural Ingredients

If you’ve ever had to navigate the balance between caring for yourself and keeping everything running smoothly, you’re not alone!

Prioritizing self-care can be a challenge, especially when you work a leadership role that can be demanding. 

As a mom of 3 young boys, for example, Jamie finds balance in a few ways: for one, she incorporates wellness and self-care into taking care of her family.

Finding Balance: Jamie's Self-Care Journey and Beauty Routine

“Essential oils are a HUGE part of my life and my family’s lifestyle! A few of my favorites are Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint & Lemongrass. I also use them as part of my skincare routine (geranium, tea tree, lavender with jojoba oil serum).”

But it’s also important to take some time exclusively for you; after all, we take better care of those we love when we’re feeling our best. And for Jamie, a great way to practice this on the daily is through her beauty routine.

“For makeup, I start with cleansing & moisturizing my face, primer, concealer & foundation, fill in eyebrows, contour with bronzer & apply mascara! I try to keep it quick & easy and just enhance my natural look.”

self-care and beauty routine by Jamie with Emani Cosmetics

Customized Skincare: Jamie's Journey To Healthy and Nourished Skin

But when Jamie plans her beauty routine, she’s not just thinking about the way it’ll make her look, but how it’ll affect her skin.

“My skin is oily/combination, and especially gets dry during the winter months! I have had breakouts from using products containing harsher chemicals in the past.”

And Jamie knows that self-care through skincare doesn’t mean using expensive products just because it feels indulgent, self-care through skincare means using products that cater to your own needs.

“Finding a brand that fits your skin’s needs is the first step! Emani Cosmetics works for mine with perfect primers and foundation that works with my skin to enhance it!”

Emani Products for self-care and beauty routine

Efficiency and Quality: Jamie's Approach to Multifunctional Beauty Products

Good ingredients foster a healthy glow, smooth the skin, and help soothe irritation (without causing more). Jamie’s favorite ingredients are the ones that do these things and come from nature...we’re right there with her!

“I was very excited to see that the Perfect 10’s list was short and included ingredients that I recognized! I was especially happy to see Lemongrass essential oil and aloe vera!”

It can be safely assumed that for most of us, multifunctional beauty routine is a must. And besides ingredients meant to help your skin, Jamie puts a big emphasis on efficiency & flexibility. 

“Everything needs to be quick & easy! I used to use so many different products between skincare and makeup but now I have narrowed it down to products that contain all of the clean, healthy ingredients that I need but in fewer steps!”

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find products that save time without cutting corners on quality, natural ingredients. At Emani, we’re here to help anyone who’s encountered those roadblocks, because first and foremost, makeup should promote confidence in your skin.

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything that is applied to it, and goes into our bloodstream! By using cleaner products, we are reducing the number of chemicals entering our bodies! If someone has tried a clean beauty brand and wasn’t happy with it, I’d say to give Emani Cosmetics a chance and they will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and coverage that these products supply while still being good for your skin!

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