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self-care for busy women

Self-Care for Busy Women

At this point, the concept of self-care is no foreign thing; it’s become a widely discussed topic in tutorials, articles and TV shows everywhere.

And yet, self-care is no easy thing to master, especially when you’re just too busy. 

For women who are used to a day that’s “go, go, go,” the idea of slowing down and taking time just for yourself can be quite alien, if not impossible.

But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. While self-care can be a full day of spa treatments, it can also be as simple as a few mindful activities.

Here are 6 ways you can practice self-care every single day, no matter what it throws at you!

1. Shower Meditation

Shower Meditation

Let’s be honest: morning showers have always been great.

Not only are you surrounded by hot, soothing water and steam, but it’s one of the few times of the day in which you’re truly alone.

So why not make the most of this moment?

Next time you’re having a morning rinse, try a quick shower meditation!

There are tons of meditation guides on the internet for you to try, but here’s a simple one to start with:

  1. Close your eyes and allow yourself to clear your mind, simply enjoying the feeling of the water around you.
  2. Focus on the way your breathing feels in this moment. Is it filling your chest? Is it going down to your belly? Can you feel the air itself as it travels through your body?
  3. Now, try controlling your breathing. Slowly inhale for 5 seconds, then exhale for 5 seconds, and hold your breath for 5 seconds more before repeating the pattern.
  4. Allow yourself to carry out this exercise for a few minutes, before coming back to yourself in the shower. Take a moment of awareness before stepping out and getting dressed.

2. Make Your Beauty Routine For You

It’s easy for the act of getting ready for the day to feel like a drag. I need to shower, get the kids dressed, get lunch together AND I need to put on my makeup?!

Look at it this way, though: your beauty routine is one of the few times of the day when it’s just you and your reflection, so make the most of it in any way you can!

One of the best things you can do for yourself at this time is choose makeup you’re not only excited to put on, but will enjoy wearing all day long! For instance, a primer that’s silicone-free and uses lots of skin-loving ingredients is going to greatly help you foundation wear, and it’s going to make your makeup feel a lot more comfortable throughout the day. 

And choosing a lipstick with a nourishing formula will both glide on beautifully and nourish your lips throughout the day.

Makeup aside, your morning beauty routine is a great time to consider the day ahead of you, and the bathroom mirror is a fantastic place for morning mantras!

Here are a few examples you can start out with. Try writing them down on sticky notes and leave them in places you know you’ll see them in the morning:

  • I will not worry about the things I can’t control
  • I am allowed to take up space
  • I trust that my faith in the universe will gift me with all that I need in life
  • I like who I am becoming
  • I add something special to this world

3. Don’t Forget To Move!

Moving While working

If you spend a lot of your day at your desk, don’t forget to move every once in a while! 

It can be very tempting to strap in at your desk and just focus on the project until it’s done, but this could actually just hurt your productivity in the long run.

Movement is so crucial to us as humans, as it promotes blood flow, muscle building, self-care, and for joints and bones to strengthen. And all of this is key to healthy brain function!

There are plenty of strategies and tools to help you get up and move a little throughout a busy work day: a growing number of individuals are adopting fitness trackers that go on your wrist, but even a reminder on your smartphone every hour will do the trick!

4. Incorporate Aromatherapy

The space you work in absolutely matters, and sometimes it comes down to the little things--in this case, the way your workspace smells.

If possible, we recommend that you invest in aromatherapy while you work, whether it’s a diffuser with some essential oils, a scented candle, or some incense.

We recommend citrus and peppermint while you work, as they can help revitalize the senses and help you feel energized.

5. Create A Beginning & End-of-Day Ritual

Self-Care for Busy Women Emani
This tip is especially for those who work from home, but it’s paramount to those who work anywhere.

Sometimes, work feels like it’s all over the place: sometimes you’re running late, sometimes you have to start work with a not-so-great morning behind you, and you’re just not in the right headspace.

Then 8 hours later, you say you’re finished for the day, then you ease into your couch, browse your smartphone, and hey look: you have an email from work. You should just answer that now, right?

And the next thing you know, it’s like you never really got off!

When you have a ritual to your work schedule, though, you have a clearer head, whether you’re on or off.

Before you begin your work day, some of the following steps can build a cohesive beginning-of-day ritual:

  • Have coffee
  • Turn on your computer
  • Check your calendar
  • Set up any aromatherapy for the day
  • Check emails once and at a designated time (big timesaver)

 Likewise, an end-of-day ritual gives you a clear stop to the work day, and makes it easier to unwind and recharge. This can include the following:

  • Review tomorrow
  • Clean off your desk
  • Have a glass of water
  • Change into more comfortable clothing

6. Designate Some Evening Skincare Time

Emani - Skincare
There are some things we were able to get away with when we were 19, but just won’t fly now, and one of those things includes the way we removed our makeup.

These days, the swipe of a makeup wipe won’t cut it. Not only are you still leaving residue behind, but this does nothing to help your skin recover from the day!

Instead, take 10 minutes out of your evening to focus on a skincare routine; one where you thoroughly cleanse your face and incorporate hydrating, nourishing, and anti-aging products into your skin. This is also a great time to fully unwind and enjoy some quiet time before bed.

And the best thing about a skincare routine? It’s only as simple or elaborate as you want it to be! For many women, a skincare routine involves a double cleanse, followed by a toner, sheet mask, treatments and night cream. And for many others, it’s a thorough cleansing followed by moisturizer

If you’ve never used a self-care skincare routine before, starting out simple may be the best way to go, but just make sure your skin has some kind of hydration on it before bed.

Get the glowing skin you deserve!

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