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How to look flawless in the summer heat

How to look FLAWLESS in the summer heat

It’s a scorching summer…time for some heat reprieve by the ocean or pool!

We want you to look flawless for your next BBQ, beach day or weekend getaway. Don’t forget to take care of your skin while looking marvelous darlins’.

  • Apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. SPF of 30 or higher
  • Apply to bare skin then apply your favorite Emani bronzer, brows, mascara, lipstick or gloss right on top of the sunscreen for added glamour
  • Re-apply after 2 hours or immediately after swimming to look flawless

Below are some of our all time favs for you to look flawless!

Perfect 10 Primer Serum | The #1 tip for long lasting, sweat proof summer makeup is to prep your skin with the world’s first silicone free primer. Using 10 different organic nutrients prepares and hydrates your skin for the best foundation application ever!

Vegan Emani Bye Bye Shine | The perfect product to keep in your purse or beach bag for quick touch ups this summer. Eliminates shine but helps to fade pores, diminishes the look of fine lines, and leaves a perfectly smooth finish on your skin.

HD Bamboo Setting Powder | It is the perfect addition to your foundation to keep it lasting all day long. Also, the powder is enriched with Bamboo silica and Organic nutrients for silky smooth skin.


Achieving a flawless summer look is easy with the right products. Remember to apply sunscreen before heading out and layer your favorite Emani makeup on top for added glamour. Also, reapply sunscreen regularly and keep a Vegan Emani Bye Bye Shine for quick touch-ups on the go. To ensure your foundation lasts all day, try the HD Bamboo Setting Powder infused with Bamboo silica and Organic nutrients for a silky smooth finish. With these favorites, you'll look flawless and radiant all summer long!


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