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Primer Questions

Prime Time: Our Biggest Primer Questions, Answered

Primer Questions: Are you unsure about which primer suits your skin best? It’s no secret: our Perfect 10 Primer Serum is one of our favorite products ever, and as one of our best-selling products, we believe plenty of our customers can say the same!

However, no matter how well a product’s been formulated, it means nothing if people don’t understand it. 

So if you’ve ever had any primer questions, and if they even do anything, you’re in the right place!

First Things First: What Is A Primer, And What Does It Even Do?

Primers are definitely one of those products you hear about in the beauty world all the time, but what do they even do?

To put it simply, a primer acts exactly like the name suggests: just like a paint primer does for a canvas or wall before painting, a face primer turns the skin into the perfect canvas for foundation.

Typically, a primer’s main function is to smooth out the skin and create a slightly tacky surface, which your foundation will adhere to for longer lasting wear.

However, many primers have evolved beyond their basic purpose. For example, our Perfect 10 Primer Serum and our Miracle 7-in-1 Primer Serum are both infused with skin-loving ingredients normally found in skincare products.

Why Avoid Silicone Primers?

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking at primers, you’ve probably noticed one particular ingredient: silicone.

Silicone has become a controversial ingredient in beauty, but why the heat?

Basically, silicone is a synthetic material that gives products a spreadable texture with an extra-silky finish. And while it can create flawless foundation wear, the long-term effects might not be worth it.

Because here’s the thing: silicone primers work to create an airtight, water-resistant seal around the skin. And while this can lock in moisture, it also locks in sweat, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

On top of that, there is also evidence that silicones clog the pores and cause congestion, and can even disrupt cell turnover. Not to mention that silicones may pose some issues with the environment.

For these reasons, we strive to keep our primers silicone-free and promote long-lasting, hydrating wear with natural ingredients your skin will love.

Which Primer Should I Use?

We offer two different formulas for our primer-serum hybrid: the Perfect 10 Primer Serum and the Miracle 7-in-1 Primer Serum.

And customers often ask us: which one will work best for me?

With any product, you won’t truly know how a formula works for your skin until you try it, but we typically recommend the Perfect 10 for those who face a lot of skin dryness. With ultra-hydrating ingredients like avocado, coconut, and aloe vera, the Perfect 10 locks in moisture, but still promotes breathability.

The Miracle 7-in-1, on the other hand, is most ideal for those seeking to minimize the appearance of the pores. This primer creates a matte, flawless finish while rejuvenating botanicals like fermented ginseng and centella asiatica keep the skin looking extra fresh.

When Do I Apply Primer?

There’s still a lot of confusion about when to apply primer. Our customers often ask us: what step should my primer be? Do I apply it before or after my sunscreen?

To clarify, your primer should be smack-dab between your skincare and your makeup. This means that your primer should be applied right after your sunscreen, and before your foundation.

Can I Apply Primer Without Foundation?

We worked hard to create a primer formula that makes women look and feel beautiful, so it’s a thrill when customers ask us this question.

The answer: absolutely! If you find that you like the way your primer alone makes your skin look, by all means stop at that step.

If you still have primer questions, we’d love to answer them! Please leave any inquiries in the comments below, or contact us at

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