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Is Cruelty Free the Same as Vegan

Is Cruelty Free the Same as Vegan

The future of the beauty industry is same as vegan AND cruelty-free.

The line between cruelty-free and vegan can be, and regularly is, somewhat obscured. The two terms are not directed thus the contrast between them can shift from one individual to another.

The two labels are often used interchangeably, by both companies and consumers, but they actually don’t mean the same thing.

It can be confusing trying to navigate through the cruelty-free and vegan beauty space but let me help break it down for you.

What’s the difference between cruelty-free vs vegan? Short Answer: “Cruelty-Free” generally implies no animal testing occurred whereas “Vegan” generally implies the products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.


While the meanings of  are not entirely adjusted, at its heart, the standard behind each is something similar. The two marks address, and are champions for, the security of our fuzzy and not really shaggy creature companions and their privileges.

However, considering this basic standard the definitions appear to yield a moral hole:

Cruelty-free products, while not tried on creatures, may in any case contain creature fixings or results that would have required the demise of a creature. This, obviously, makes one wonder – are these items genuinely brutality free? Regardless of your diet (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore), cosmetics and body care shouldn't contain animal ingredients.

Same as vegan products, lacking animal ingredients, could still undergo animal testing, contradicting the essence of veganism.

For instance, a lotion can be cruelty-free but contain beeswax, making it not vegan. However, a vegan soap or sunscreen, without animal ingredients, might have undergone animal testing, negating its status.

Clear right?

Due to non-standardized definitions, watch for pitfalls when seeking ethical and sustainable products. How about we dive into a portion of these entanglements …

Cruelty Free Certifications

The three major trusted cruelty-free certification bodies in this space are:

Unfortunately, various phony "Bunny" type logos or images are springing up on items universally, deceptive purchasers and in the background, without a doubt actually testing on creatures.

With regards to the cold-bloodedness free name, a few brands unfortunately use it simply as promoting empty talk however, in actuality, their items are obviously not what they say they are, for instance:

Cruelty-free might simply suggest that the finished product doesn't undergo animal testing, but the ingredients undergo animal testing at some point during their development.

A few brands that case to be "cruelty-free" may not actually test the item on creatures however they host the third get-together do as such. The most infamous illustration of this is brands that sell beauty care products and body care items in China, which is a huge market. The hitch is that China's laws require testing products on animals before permitting their sale within its territory. To get around this, brands simply re-appropriate the creature testing, and presto, they get to clutch the cruelty-free tag.

Another cruelty-free issue, which isn't as highly contrasting, has to do with the position of the parent organization.

Can We Label Something As Both cruelty-free And Vegan?

When a product claims to be both 'cruelty-free and vegan,' it signifies no animal testing and the absence of animal products or ingredients.

Genuine model: Pacifica Beauty has cruelty-free and same as vegan lover lipstick. This indicates that Pacifica's lipstick underwent no animal testing and contains no animal-derived ingredients or byproducts.

Can Something Be Cruelty-Free But NOT Vegan?

If labeled 'cruelty-free but not vegan,' it means no animal testing, yet animal-derived elements might be present.

Genuine model: Milani Cosmetics has cold-bloodedness-free lipstick however it isn't a vegan lover. This indicates that Milani's lipstick underwent no animal testing but incorporates animal-derived elements like beeswax, carmine, or lanolin.

Presently this leaves us with the last choice,

Can Something Be Vegan But NOT Cruelty-Free?

Here's the place where it gets somewhat aggravating and nonsensical. However, hold on for me.

Products claiming to be 'vegan' may lack 'cruelty-free' assurance. While not containing animal-derived ingredients, these products or their components might have undergone animal testing.

In 2017, observers noticed a '100% Vegan' stamp on the packaging of L’Oréal’s Ever Pure Shampoo and Conditioners, signaling authenticity. L’Oréal claims these items are 'vegan lovers' in which they don't contain creature inferred fixings or results, yet L’Oréal is certainly not a cruelty-free brand. L’Oréal tests on creatures when legally necessary.

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