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aloe vera - vegan makeup for rosacae


Vegan Makeup for rosacea. It doesn’t have to bring you down. Medical skin therapy can help address the underlying physical aspect, but the makeup that you choose can also help improve the look of your skin and boost your self-confidence.


Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best.

1.     Look for Simple Ingredients. 

Be watchful of the ingredients and products you apply to your skin. When trying a new product, test on your neck and your arms before using it on your face to make sure your skin doesn’t react to it. Avoid any products that burn, sting or irritate your skin.

2.     Always Start With Clean Skin.

Before makeup application, always start by cleansing and moisturizing your face with skincare products appropriate for your skin. For less irritation, be gentle with your skin when washing. Don’t rub or pull. Instead, use a clean cleansing cloth and pat it on your skin.

3.     Use Primer Before Your Makeup.

 Primer acts as a light barrier between your skin and makeup.  With the right primer, it can help visually correct redness, even out skin tone and helps your makeup last longer.  Look for a primer with natural organic extracts that calms the skin. 

Try: Emani Primer Serum not only primes the skin but it also has 10 different organic extracts to treat and moisturizes skin. It absorbs excess oils and has chamomile extracts to help calm the skin. The deeply nourishes and softens, creating velvety looking-skin.

4.     Brushes Are Key. 

Since the oil and bacteria on your fingers can irritate the skin, vegan brushes (made with synthetic hairs instead of animal hair) may be best to use. When applying foundation or concealer, be gentle with your skin and apply lightly for minimal irritation. Click Here to see emani vegan makeup brushes

Try: For vegan makeup for rosacea, try Emani Vegan Brushes, entirely free of animal hair and is hand-formed to professional specifications.

5.     Choose Makeup with Skin-Care Properties. 

The right foundation/concealer color and formula can give you flawless looking skin. Some foundation formulas can irritate the skin which is why those with sensitive skin give up and not dare wear any at all. Look for makeup paraben and talc-free, formulated for the most sensitive skin.

Try: For vegan makeup for rosacea, try Emani Hydra Wear 12 hour Liquid Foundation. Infused with hyaluronic acid and organic jojoba oil, this medium coverage foundation treats skin imperfection such as acne discolorations, melasma and rosacea.

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