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DIY Face Steaming for Fresh & Hydrated Skin

DIY Face Steaming for Fresh & Hydrated Skin

Achieve Radiant Skin on a Budget: Discover the Power of Facial Steaming

Looking for a way to brush up your skincare game without breaking the bank? Just like a pore extraction from your esthetician, treating your steam facial is probably the best thing you can do for your pores. You’ve probably noticed that most professional extractions start with face steaming!

However, not everyone has the money for consistent pro-extractions, and it’s a great option for those who are excited to skip the esthetician’s bill. Facial steaming is an easy, yet effective DIY skin treatment that nourishes, cleanses and leaves your skin feeling luxurious. 

Read on to find out how to get your natural glow back without having to visit the spa.

How Can Face Steaming Help My Skin?

Keep your skin hydrated. Steam hydrates your skin by simply increasing oil production to naturally moisturize the face. 

  • Releases Trapped Sebum. Sebum is naturally occurring oil from your sebaceous glands to lubricate your skin and hair. Also, when sebum is trapped beneath your skin’s surface, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to acne breakouts and inflammation. 
  • Promotes Circulation. The unique combination of warm steam and an increase in perspiration can dilate your blood vessels to naturally increase circulation. This quick boost of blood flow nourishes your skin, delivers oxygen, and leaves a healthy glow.
  • Absorb Skincare Products. Steam naturally increases skin’s permeability, allowing it to better absorb your favorite moisturizer, serum, and treatment products… and you get more bang for your buck!
  • Soothe Your Skin. The warm feeling of steam on your face is relaxing enough, but if you’re ready to turn it up a notch, try adding soothing essential oils! For a calming, spa-like experience, try lavender or eucalyptus oil.
  • It Helps With Sinus Congestion. Not only does face steaming help your skin, but it can also help relieve sinus congestion and headaches as well. 
  • Easy And Affordable. So easy, a caveman can do it! No need to dish out big $$$ to a steam facial at a spa. In addition, you can enjoy the same benefits at home using the items you already have in your kitchen!
  • Deep Cleanses Your Skin. Steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any buildup of makeup, dirt, and oil. Opening up your pores can also soften blackheads, making it significantly easier to remove! 

How Can I Try Face Steaming At Home?

There are several easy ways to enjoy this versatile, easy skin treatment at home. It can be as simple or luxurious as you want! Here’s a quick step-by-step description for our favorites techniques. 

Steam Over A Bowl Or Sink Of Hot Water:

  1. Grab your fluffy towel and choose your spot. Remember, comfort is key, so if you’re doing this over a sink, simply grab a chair or stool. 

  2. Tie back and secure your hair so it’s not in the way during the steaming process. In addition, use a gently exfoliating cleanser. 

  3. Bring 5-6 cups of water to a boil in a pot or kettle.

  4. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or a handful of herbs when the water begins to boil. Also, after adding your choice of scent, stir gently.

  5. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Moreover, carefully pour the hot water into the sink or bowl. If you’re using a sink, don’t forget to use a drain cover! 

  6. Take a seat, drape your towel over your head and the pot. Also, be sure to hold your face 6 inches or more above the water.

  7. For more or less head, simply raise or lower your head. In addition, you can also lift a corner of the towel to cool off, if necessary.

  8. Steam your face for up to 10 minutes.

Warm Towels Technique:

  1. Get a hand towel and turn on the hot water tap. When hot, fill a bowl or sink with enough hot water to soak your entire towel. 

  2. Secure your hair and cleanse your face with an exfoliating cleanser. 

  3. Soak your towel in the hot water and wring out excess water until the towel is damp.

  4. Lean back in your favorite chair or lie down. Place the towel on your face, holding each corner up so they meet on your forehead.

  5. Simply adjust the towel so that it covers your entire face. Be sure to include your eyes and leave your nose peeking through. Relax for 5-10 minutes.

Which Herbs And Oils Should I Add?

Adding dried herbs and essential oils to your DIY face steaming can offer extra benefits. Specific herbs and essential oils have a calming or invigorating effect, depending on what your skin needs.

Essential Oils:

  • Lavender: Great for dry skin or eczema. It has relaxing aromatherapy benefits. 

  • Eucalyptus: Perfect for those dealing with severe acne or sinus congestion.

  • Orange: Uplifting aromatherapy properties, orange can also help with dull complexion and blocked pores. 

  • Geranium: Oil derived from geranium flowers. It is a natural astringent that tightens and tones the skin.


  • Rosemary: Super fragrant herb can help oily skin.

  • Chamomile: Assist with skin inflammation and dermatitis, making it suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Prepare yourself by drinking extra water before exposing yourself to heat.

  • Wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser so your skin is ready to reap all the rewards of steaming.

  • Don’t forget to apply your favorite moisturizer cream or serum! The effects of your favorite skincare products work best right after a steam facial.

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