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Keep Calm & Push Through the Coronavirus!

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus), it has left millions of people working from home, schools closing down, and public entertainment centers left empty. Most importantly, it has left grocery store shelves completely out of stock on household essentials, food, baby formula, toilet paper… you name it! There are so many sources of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s completely normal to feel some anxiety when a global disease impacts every realm of your life - trust us, we’re on the same page! But there are healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety during this difficult time. Read along to l earn more from our relaxation-pros.
We’re all in this together.
There are dozens of updates about COVID-19 every single time we are on the internet, and even on social media. With the virus infecting at least 136,000 across the world, and 1,200 people in the US, it’s no wonder people are afraid and confused. During a pandemic, you might be feeling unsafe, have trouble sleeping, experience social isolation and distressing emotions. The most important thing to keep in mind if you are feeling extra anxious is: you are not alone. Although health officials have recommended social distance, you can still keep in constant contact with your friends and family by keeping everyone updated through Facebook or even by video chat. We are all in this together.

Limit the news.
That’s right! You might be wondering why we recommend limiting the news when you are trying to stay updated with the virus. Yes, we all want to keep up to date, but when you have health anxiety, the need to check the latest updates can become compulsive, which can only lead to feeding your anxiety! Try a “news detox” by allocating yourself a time limit for watching or reading the news. Are you worried you might miss an important update? Ask a friend or family to contact you in case of an emergency situation to keep you informed. It’s all about protecting your positive mindset. 

No Googling around here.
We’ve all done it - googling and browsing through symptoms we have, only to end up paranoid or anxious. Dr. Google is not your friend! Especially when you are suffering from health anxiety during this difficult time. It’s all about not feeding your anxiety! Stay away from Googling symptoms and searching for message-boards and forums. Remember, people, visit these when they have a reason to be concerned. Keep thinking positive.

Just breathe.
From yogic breathing to grounding exercises, don’t underestimate the power of deep breathing. Try our team-favorite, the “Deep Calm” - this easy exercise has been called a “natural tranquilizer for the nervous system” to bring you calmness and relaxation. To begin, find a quiet room. Inhale for 4 seconds. Hold for 7 seconds. Exhale for 8 seconds. Try the Deep Calm breathing technique whenever you feel overwhelmed or anxious. 

Treat yourself.
Anything to get your mind off the news and give you a little boost can help. It doesn’t have to involve you going out and spending money: you can cook yourself a nice dinner, bake your favorite pie while listening to your favorite artist, or even a hot bath with a lavender-scented candle. 

Keep calm & wash your hands.
No need to drive to an overcrowded store just to find empty shelves! Keep washing your hands, keep your distance from others, use antibacterial wipes to disinfect your tv remotes, computer mouse & keyboard, your doorknobs, and especially your cell phone. Out of stock on antibacterial soap? No worries. You can create your own by mixing your favorite essential oil + distilled water + a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Search up DIY ways to create your own cleaning supplies and reduce the need to go into the public. Have your own secret formula to create cleaning supplies? Share with our eco-beauty community by commenting below!


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