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Emani Ambassador: Molly’s Fall Faves

Emani Ambassador: Molly’s Fall Faves

Overall, What’s Your Favorite Thing About It?

My favorite thing about fall is the coziness of everything. The weather, the food, fuzzy blankets, and spending time with family.

Can You Describe Your Favorite Go-to Fall Outfit?

In Ohio, we experience all of the seasons. When summer turns to fall and the temperature is in the 60s to low 70s, it doesn’t get better than that. If I can wear a sweatshirt and cute ripped jeans but still need my sunglasses, that is the sweet spot for me.

What’s Your Favorite Scent?

Anything apple cider scented makes me think of it instantly.

Candle scent

Favorite Indoor Fall Activity?

Lighting a fall candle and snuggling with my kids to watch a movie we haven’t seen before. We pop some popcorn and set up the sleeping bags on the living room floor. It’s our favorite Friday night ritual.

Favorite Outdoor Fall Activity?

As a family, we love doing outdoor kids activities with apple cider slushies, kettle corn, and picking pumpkins. We have an amazing farm near us in Ohio that is packed with fun family events. We make a lot of amazing memories this time of year.

What Is Your Go-to Fall Beverage?

I love anything with caramel flavor so a coffee drink whether it’s hot or iced...load that caramel on there!

What Music Do You Love On Fall Days?

I love so many types of music. The fall makes me want to chill to some old favorite songs. Artists like Coldplay and Ed Sheeran are some of my go-tos.

What’s Your Favorite Food To Make/eat During Fall Weather?

The fall always makes me crave football party food. Like buffalo chicken dip. I also get a craving for soups. I love spicy chili and my mom’s potato soup. Of course, pumpkin pie always makes it in there.

What’s Your Favorite Beauty Staple For The Fall?

As soon as the weather gets cool I love doing black nail polish when I get a manicure. I am all about neutrals, and for me that includes black. I also make sure to add extra hydration treatments to my hair as we get into the drier midwest months.

What’s Your Favorite Way To Unwind & Take Care Of Yourself During The Fall Season?

As a photographer, the fall is my busy season so it’s an especially crazy time. I know when I have to unplug and get out from behind the computer to spend intentional time with my family. It helps me so much mentally when everything is “go go go”.

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Julie Tranetzki
Julie Tranetzki

New to Emani. Would like to know if Emani will be making primers and/or foundations with SPF?

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