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Meet Molly (Ambassador)

Emani Ambassador: Molly Watson

As a Busy Photographer & Mom of 3, Molly’s Learned How to Embrace & Cultivate Her Radiance

Social media has vastly transformed our culture of beauty; sometimes in amazing ways, but we recognize the ways in which it can blur our view of what a “real woman” is supposed to look like.

And while more voices have been raised against toxic presences and non-inclusive body image, it’s mostly directed to adolescent & young adult women.

But what about women past 30? Or 35? Or 40?

Because sometimes, you’d think social discounts our presence altogether, as if we aren’t on the platform (spoiler: we are).

It can make us feel like we don’t exist, that our self-image doesn’t matter as much, or as if we’re just expected to have it figured out by now.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to have it all figured out yet and that you are completely allowed and entitled to feel your most beautiful; this is the time in your life to cultivate, and the time in which you’re destined to become your most radiant self.

Molly's Journey to Radiant Skin: Overcoming Skincare Challenges at 35

As a busy photographer and mom of 3 girls, this is how Molly hones her ultimate beauty at 35!

“In my 20s I had no real beauty routine. I wasn’t committed to any particular brands or products...I had no idea how to take care of my skin.”
Like so many of us, Molly had a rocky start with skincare and didn’t have much learning to go off of.

“There were many nights I went to bed with my makeup still on. I didn’t listen to my mom telling me to start taking care of my skin when I was younger. And the sunburns. Oh my! I definitely have sun damage.”

Despite this start, Molly’s made significant progress on her path to natural radiance, and it started with the simple intention of taking care of herself!

“Now that I am 35, I take the extra few minutes in the morning and evening to make sure I do my beauty routine. I am aware of what my skin can tolerate, what makes it react, and that consistency is key.”

But as with most new changes, we tend to face new challenges, and our skin is no exception!

“The one thing I have had to overcome is adult breakouts. I would get a lot of painful breakout areas around my mouth, chin, and jawline. Once I nailed down what was causing it and started to really focus on self-care, I have felt much more myself. I stick with products that make my skin look its best.”

Molly has gotten to know her skin a little at this point, and through some trial & forgiven error, she’s learned that gentle ingredients are the key.

“My skin tends to be on the drier side. In the past, I have gone through many products for my skin that have made me break out, have a reaction, or make matters worse. Being aware of ingredients and being consistent with safe and effective products makes a big difference.”

Molly Watson using Emani Cosmetics

Molly's Simple and Effective Beauty Routine: Achieving Natural Radiance with Emani Products

And when she looks for skincare with gentle ingredients, Molly believes in products worth committing to.

“I have been using the Perfect 10 primer for a couple of years now and I am not stopping anytime soon. It is lightweight and non-irritating which is great for my sensitive skin. "The perfect 10: hydrates, sets makeup, and refreshes. A must-have for busy moms and photographers. Flawless makeup, guaranteed."”

But of course, when it came down to finding the ultimate key to good skincare, it wasn’t in a bottle.

“For myself, as a mom of three in my mid-30s, your kids' needs tend to come first for many, many years. Whether you are a mom or not, we cannot pour from an empty cup. Taking care of ourselves needs to be a priority. When you take care of yourself, you will see your confidence grow. The source of confidence is what we do for ourselves not what others do for us.”

Molly views beauty not as a scale or form of pressure, but as a reflection of good health and taking care of herself, because that’s how you become your best, and it’ll make you better at caring for those you love. And when you take car

“I feel my most beautiful when I have taken time to slow down and do something for me. I do love some fresh and simple makeup, clean hair, and getting out of sweatpants.”

So What Does Molly’s Beauty Routine Look Like?

“My beauty routine is the same most days and not over complicated. I stick with the Emani Perfect 10 serum and the Hydrawear Plus Foundation. To brighten under my eyes I use a concealer about 2 shades lighter. I love using products I can use on many areas of my face just to keep it simple. My go-to hack is to use a bronzer and highlighter on my eyes as eyeshadow. Then use those same products on my face to bronze and highlight. I love a cream blush since my skin tends to be dry. I will even pop that same cream pigment on my lips. Fill my brows, swipe on some mascara, and done!”

Emani Perfect 10 Primer Serum Demo by Molly Watson

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