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Emani Ambassador: Staying Positive This Season, Featuring Elizabeth!

Emani Ambassador: Staying Positive This Season, Featuring Elizabeth!

Taking Flight: Discover Elizabeth's Strategies for Staying Positive as an Airline Attendant

Traveling might not be on everyone’s holiday agenda this year, but for Elizabeth, it’s her full-time job!

As an airline attendant, Elizabeth works to help passengers, ensure safety precautions, and serves as a key member in keeping the flight smooth and staying positive this season.

It’s a demanding job at any time of the year, but with the global pandemic, she and her crewmates have to work even harder onboard.

During such a hectic, often-stressful tie, we look to the people in our community who know how to stay focused and staying positive, so we got to ask Elizabeth about her own strategies!

What’s it like to work as an airline attendant during the Holiday season? How have things changed since the pandemic began?

It’s a little stressful, but it’s nice to know that you’re bringing people together. Things have changed, people are required to wear masks, service is limited, there are fewer flights, cleaner aircraft’s, and flights have been capped for social distancing.

staying positive during the pandemic season, a girl wearing a facemask on the airport

What are some of the biggest challenges you face when working?

People not following instructions. What they don’t understand is that there is a reason for every rule and it’s all safety-related.

While experience surely comes into play, do you personally have strategies that keep you calm during stressful or turbulent flights?

I know that turbulence is the same thing as bumps on the road, just in the air. So I make sure I secure myself and pray that we hit smooth air soon.

view of the window seat on airplane

How important is morale with your crew? How does the crew keep up morale when working together?

It’s very important, and we brief before the start of every trip and communicate how we plan on tackling the day.

Do you get homesick on longer shifts, or is it worth it to be able to get some new scenery? If more so the first one, how do you cheer up when you miss home?

I like being in different places but sometimes I do miss being home. Usually, to cheer myself up, I get myself some comfort food!

When you do get home, is it mostly a time to unwind, or do you find yourself just as busy with other tasks/errands?

I feel like I’m super busy with tasks but sometimes I have to listen to my body and rest. Depending on my schedule I have to prioritize, but I always listen to my body. It’s definitely hard to keep up with my tasks at home if I’m working a lot of hours. Some months are busier than others

In difficult/challenging times like these, are there any strategies you use to stay positive?

I meditate before going to bed, which usually involves breathing exercises and complete body relaxation. I try to exercise as much as possible, do things I enjoy and keep myself surrounded by positive people.

Not all trips go smoothly: there can be headaches with security, anxiety in the terminals, and schedule complications. Do you have any advice for staying positive when traveling gets stressful?

Give yourself enough time and go with an open mind. Things go wrong, mechanical problems happen, weather happens, TVs and wifi sometimes don’t work and these things you can’t control.

So instead of getting upset, prepare yourself with stuff to do in case things do happen. Bring a book, make sure your phone is charged, bring snacks and food, and always carry a sweater or a blanket in case it gets cold. Prepare for what can go wrong and don’t take it out on people who have no control. You have to learn how to roll with it by staying positive. Also, don’t book your connections too close!

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