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Celebrating Natural Beauty at Cosmoprof Las Vegas

Celebrating Natural Beauty at Cosmoprof Las Vegas



Las Vegas – (July 22, 2019) Emani Vegan Cosmetics will be hosting the VIP Champagne Lounge July 29th, 2019 at The Mandalay Bay Hotel during Cosmoprof Vegas, the leading B2B beauty event in North America.
The event will bring together beauty and cosmetic industry insiders and influencers to connect and celebrate it's goal of nourishing and elevating individual skin and beauty with and without makeup, to ensure a healthier and more naturally beautiful future.
"We are excited to bring the top names in the beauty industry together for a night of experiencing Emani Vegan Cosmetic's luxurious beauty line and exploring emerging trends and possibilities in the cosmetic industry, said Event Coordinator Tom Greenwood.
The event is also proud to host Michelle Doan, Founder and Chief Innovator of Emani Vegan Cosmetics.
Attendees will have the opportunity to experience Emani Vegan Cosmetic's luxurious product line, having the opportunity to experience and learn about the empowering advantages of makeup comprised of natural, organic extracts, clinically proven & dermatologist tested for sensitive skin.
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Founded in Huntington Beach, California in 1998, it has dedicated the last 20 years to the research and development of environmentally friendly, natural beauty products. In addition, all products are clinically proven & dermatologist tested for sensitive skin,100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Emani Vegan Cosmetics believes in empowering individuals through safe and clean beauty products that enhance natural beauty. Furthermore, it is comprised of natural, organic extracts, minerals and skin nutrients to nourish and elevate skin's health. All products are completely 100% Cruelty-free, 100% Gluten-free, and 100% Vegan certified. Also, Emani Vegan Cosmetics reduces their carbon footprint by using certified recycled paper, biodegradable ink, and recyclable packaging.
Emani Vegan Cosmetics is proud to have received official recognition from PETA in the form of a Certificate of Appreciation in honor of Emani's commitment to PETA's Caring Consumer Project.
We proudly make all products in California.
For more information, visit Emani Vegan Cosmetic's website at
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For more information about the Emani Vegan Cosmetic's Event, contact Whitney Davies at

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