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Meet the Soy Mascara, Our Latest Award Winner

Vegan Soy Mascara Takes Home Top Honors at Janey Loves PLATINUM Awards

Cue the happy tears - and by that, we don’t mean the irritated, smudgy tell-tale tears you get from wearing a mascara that’s loaded with harsh ingredients. We are so excited to announce that our Vegan Soy Mascara was the big winner in the “Luscious Lashes” category during this year’s Janey Loves PLATINUM Awards, one of the biggest awards in natural and holistic well-being on a global scale.

We were selected after vigorous testing from a panel of industry experts and customers in the space. Getting recognized by the Janey Loves team is a major accomplishment for us. As one of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious honors in natural health and wellness, it’s huge to be recognized on a global scale. 

Say goodbye to Mascara

You probably know by now that vegan, organic and feel-good products are a big part of what we do. Our founder and fearless leader Michelle Doan started Emani out of her kitchen back in 2001. When she realized her skin was sensitive to a long laundry list of not-so-great stuff in your standard makeup, she started whipping up a batch of her own homemade foundation that looked and felt amazing to wear and - the best part - wouldn’t irritate her skin. The rest is history, but that’s been our goal since day one: Beautiful products with equally beautiful ingredients.

Our Vegan Soy Mascara is one of our big eye favorites because right off the bat, it addresses so many of the common issues we hear from our customers about other varieties that they’ve tried. 

Introducing Our Gentle and Nourishing Mascara - The Perfect Solution for Sensitive Eyes

For starters, finding the right mascara can be an utter nightmare if you have sensitive eyes. Your eyes are one of the most delicate areas of your body as it is - we all know the annoying agony of having a stray eyelash that can’t be blinked away. 

Some mascaras coat your lashes with thick, heavy formulas loads with pretty yucky, lab-produced stuff. They weigh your lashes down and strip away essential moisture, leaving them dry and brittle. Some includes with fragrances - this is one of the more common eye allergy triggers - which can leave your eyes and the delicate skin around them swollen and inflamed.

If your mascara is bothering you, then it’s really not going to look great once you have it on. Smudging is often causes the eyes becoming wet and watery due to irritation. We love a good smoky eye as much as the next person, but streaky raccoon eyes from the wrong mascara is never a good look…

The Ultimate Mascara for Sensitive Eyes - Organic, Nourishing, and Long-Lasting

We took all of these concerns to heart when we were dreaming up our Vegan Soy Mascara. The result is a product that’s organic, all-natural and - the best part! - designed for even the most sensitive eyes. 

As the name might suggest, infuse with a natural Soy Protein Extract that’s design to moisturize and nourish your eyelashes to keep them strong and healthy. The formula itself is lightweight and smooth, reducing the risk of annoying clumps. It’s also completely waterproof and smudge resistant. Try wearing it to a sad movie or a happy wedding - this stuff will not budge.

Introducing Our Innovative Tree-Shaped Brush - Enhancing Every Lash with Precision and Lift

We should also mention our specially-designed brush. Nature is never too far from our minds here at Emani, so we shaped it to look like a tree with a soft contour in the middle. Why does this shape work so well? We realized it was the perfect design to fully coat each individual lash. Plus it lifts and curls too.

When we finally perfected and released this mascara, the feedback was almost instantaneous. Not only did our customers love it, but it also worked. We heard from so many women who struggled to find the right mascara that would work for their sensitive eyes. It turns out our product was the holy grail that so many had been searching for. Today it’s still sitting pretty at a healthy five-star review, and we really couldn't ask for more.


So if you haven’t tried our Vegan Soy Mascara yet, well, what are you waiting for? After over 1,500 five-star reviews, we think the results really speak for themselves. Special Thank You to Our Loyal Fans. You are why we keep striving to create the best vegan cosmetics imaginable and your support is really the biggest motivator. 

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