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Flawless Eyebrows

Easy, Flawless Eyebrows

Unleash Your Brow Game: The Science Behind Flawless Eyebrows

Did you know that flawless eyebrows are proven to be the most important facial feature? Harper’s Bazaar recently wrote about a study conducted by the University of Lethbridge in Canada that scientifically proves eyebrows are even more important than your eyes, nose and mouth! Whether you’re a makeup newbie or a beauty guru, perfect flawless eyebrows are a game changer.

Mastering the Art of Brow Filling: A Step-by-Step Guide with Emani's All-in-One Brow Cream

Here’s how you can get the look using Emani’s All-in-One Brow Cream, a powder, gel, pencil and setting wax all-in-one formula that makes getting the perfect brow easy.

  1. The best place to start is to get your eyebrows professionally waxed or threaded. You will still need to fill them in, but a brow expert will be able to know which shape best suits your face. Once you have your shape you can maintain them at home by plucking and trimming between appointments
  1. Take your shade of Brow Cream (Blonde, Light Brown, Auburn, Dark Brown or Black) with your dual-sided V5 Brow/Liner BrushPro tip: Square or round off the ends near the inner corner of your eyes. Use an angle brush to fill in the outline, adding more product if necessary.
  2.  Use your outlines as guides to fill the rest of your brows. Also, for the best natural look, hold the brush at a horizontal angle and create small, feather-like strokes in the same direction of hair growth

Pro tip: Every so often take a step back from the mirror and check how they look from a distance. It’s easy to overfill and end up with the “sharpie” brow.

  1. Lightly brush through with the opposite end of your brush. If you accidentally add too much product, brush that area a little extra to soften. After brushing, you may need to revisit missed areas or pluck stray hairs.
  1. Lastly, always remember that eyebrows are sisters not twins. Trying to make them match 100% perfectly will make you crazy (or late!)

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