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5 Steps for Stunning Eyes

It’s not just what you buy, but how you apply it!

Your eyes are one of the most captivating features about you, whether you think it or not!

Every one of us has a unique nuance to our gaze, and one of the keys to effortless beauty is knowing how to accentuate the ways in which your own eyes catch the light and draw attention.

And when you feel gorgeous in your own skin, you’re set up to take on your day feeling prepared and empowered, so here are our 5 favorite tips for making your eyes look stunning with ease.

One of the best things about these tips is that you can just use one, or all of them, so pick whichever ones make you feel your best!

1. Go easy on the brows!

If you feel as if your eyes simply aren’t the stars of the show, but your brows are the leading ladies, you might need to tone down your shading. Brow powders and gels are easy to overuse, so keep an eye on how much you’re applying.

While it might be tempting to start applying your brow product in the inner corners of your eyes, this may be leaving a heavy-handed effect and can make the brows look blocky.

Whatever brow product you use, we recommend starting at the arches and focusing on the tails first, where definition will look the most subtle, and fill in empty spaces in short strokes, working your way inward.

2Be delicate with concealer

If you ever feel like the skin around your eyes tends to come off as cakey, it may be that you’re applying too much concealer. While it’s a tempting step to layer on, an excess of makeup can look far more noticeable than dark circles.

Make sure that your concealer is suitable for your skin type. Those with dry, mature, or sensitive skin tend to do best with liquid and cream-based foundation.

And for an added benefit of moisture retention, make sure that your under-eye area has been properly moisturized and primed beforehand, as this will help “fill gaps” by plumping the skin with hydration, which can help prevent the appearance of creases.

3. Create depth

We realize that “subtle” makeup is different for everyone: for some, it means a dab of concealer and lip balm, and for plenty of others, it could be concealer, lightweight foundation, filled brows, nude eyeshadow, and some mascara.

We believe that you should wear whatever degree of makeup makes you feel the most beautiful, but when it comes to applying eyeshadow, please allow us to offer this bit of advice: no matter the shade, don’t just slap one shade across your lids!

One single shade across your eyelids will do little for your eyes. Instead, opt for two neutral shades--one lighter shade to place across your lid, and a darker shade for your eye socket. 

This simple trick is quick, yet effective, as it helps create a deep-set look for your eyes, which makes the lashes look longer and the eyes brighter.

4. Add a pop of shimmer

This tip can go in tandem beautifully with #3, but it can also be done without eyeshadow.

If you’re looking for a summery, dewy effect with minimal effort, simply add a pop of creme or powder-based highlighter to the inner corner of your eye!

While still subtle, this look is just a little more on the playful side but does wonders for the mornings where your eyes just aren’t quite awake yet.

If you wish to draw just a bit more attention, you can also add highlighter to your eyebrow arches, or to the center of your lids.

 5. Flawless mascara

When it comes to effortless eye makeup, mascara is one of those staples that are always there for you to create definition and draw attention to your eyes. Whether you’re completing a glam look, or simply throwing on a little something before running out for errands, it’s the go-to staple!

But do you ever feel that your mascara just isn’t amplifying your look the way it should? 

While some influencers and beauty gurus might recommend the use of eyelash treatments and false lashes, we say keep it simple with the following:

  • Scrape off excess product

    Regardless of your age, excess smudges of mascara around the lids can create an aging effect that no one wants. Scraping excess product off the wand between each application will keep lashes from smudging while preventing waste & overuse.

  • Add heat beforehand

    If your mascara ever feels difficult to apply, or has a lumpy consistency, it may be because the formula needs a warmup. To do so, simply place your *tightly* sealed mascara in a cup of lukewarm water, or simply roll it between your hands.

  • Choose a nourishing mascara 

    If you thought mascara could only add magnitude and definition to your lashes, think again!  Our new DOUBLE LASH MASCARA + LASH GROWTH SERUM is formulated with organic mung bean, which feeds your lashes with amino acids and proteins while sprouted red clover soothes and renews the follicles with antioxidants.

    Amplify AND nurture your lashes for noticeable growth, strength, and thickness. Because there’s no form of effortless beauty quite like naturally stunning lashes. See our new Double Lash Grow Mascara by clicking here. 


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